Level 7 Extended Diploma in Health Coaching & Applied Nutrition

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Qualification title:Level 7 Extended Diploma in Health Coaching and Applied Nutrition
Qualification type:Vocational Related Qualification (Higher Education)
Accreditation status:Accredited
Credit Equivalency:180
Progression routes:Options for completion of or transfer to MSc
Availability:UK and international
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Course Overview

This credential was developed to grow and acknowledge current and future health coaches, and to continue bringing awareness and expertise to the health coaching and nutrition sectors. It is designed for trainees with advanced qualifications to help their growth. As health coaches and or those that are in the nutrition filed.


  • Health and Nutrition I – Role of Health Coaching and CAM
  • Health and Nutrition II – Nutrition and Health Coach Practice
  • Wellness
  • Contemporary and Community Health Issues
  • Health Coaching I
  • Health Coaching II – Behavioural Changes and Evidence-based Coaching
  • Adult Education
  • Practice Management
  • Health Coach Ethics
  • Professional Communication
  • Capstone Research and Project

Learning Outcomes

  1. Provide learners with language skills, listening skills and the ability to be with another as a way of motivating and empowering clients to try to bring about improvements in health
  2. Enable learners to demonstrate expertise in designing and executing customised plans with clients with a detailed health background
  3. Enable learners to demonstrate the skills needed to motivate their clients to adhere to their goals
  4. Enable learners to demonstrate the ability in question to build self-awareness of clients
  5. Enable learners to demonstrate ability to listen actively, reflectively and empathetically
  6. Teach learners to consider changes in behaviour, and show implementation to inspire others
  7. Enable learners to demonstrate dedication to performing professional obligations and adherence to professional ethical principles.

Entry Requirements

  • Level 6 Qualification or;
  • First Degree
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