Level 7 Diploma in Business Strategy

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Qualification title: Level 7 Diploma in Business Strategy
Qualification type: Vocational Related Qualification (Higher Education)
Level: 7
Accreditation status: Accredited
Credit Equivalency: 120
Progression routes: Level 8 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, a university partner to complete a dissertation to then receive a full master’s degree, or directly into employment in an associated profession.
Availability: UK and international
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Course Overview

The certification was developed to grow and reward the current and the future business managers, and to continue bringing respect and professionalism to the management sectors. We hope that centres and learners will take the opportunity to learn a lot from these initiatives that will include new skills and attributes that are important.

This curriculum is designed to promote both academic and professional growth so that the learners step on not only to understand their own potential, but also that of organizations across a wide variety of sectors.


  • Research Methods
  • Development as a Strategic Manager
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Finance for Managers
  • Strategic Direction
  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative and Innovative Management
  • Managing Corporate Responsibility in the Wider Business Environment

Learning Outcomes

  1. Comprehending and applying a management policy concepts in a company environment
  2. Study and apply business management concepts within the industry
  3. Knowing and applying strategic management concepts in a given context
  4. To boost learners’ employability by enabling them to explore the connection between management theories and their practical implementation in the business world.
  5. Study of the sector- and industry-specific problem-solving strategies
  6. Select, compile, study and evaluate information from a wide range of sources
  7. Act as a team, individually and
  8. Manage one’s own personal growth and development.

Entry Requirements

  • Level 6 Qualification or;
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