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ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) credentials assist learners to achieve English literacy for use in education, employment, and daily life. ESOL qualifications enable non-native speakers to gain English language proficiency to communicate and understand the English Language. Learners are trained to have communication skills in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. ESOL is a competent course and has 3 levels from Entry 1 to Entry 3. ESOL qualifications give learners the proficiency and self-confidence to use their English language skills in their studies and employment and other areas of their life.

Learning Outcomes

  • Build up English language familiarity and skills
  • Accomplish a nationwide recognised qualification
  • Personal growth and engagement in learning
  • Develop English skills for personal and employment-related application

Additionally, learners can receive an award-sized qualification for each of the 4 units (Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening). This means that learners who achieve a single writing or reading or speaking or listening unit will get a qualification certificate.

Who should get admission in the course?

  • People looking for English proficiency and enhanced communication skills with reputed certification.
  • People who want to excel in the academic discipline and market nationwide.

ESOL Skills for Life (UK)

ESOL qualifications are for adults aged 16 and over, who need English language skills for their studies and employment as well as other areas of their daily life.Preparing for assessments helps learners to develop the English language and transferable communication skills that they need for life in the UK.

These qualifications are based on the National Standards for Adult Literacy and are closely aligned to the Adult ESOL Core Curriculum.


Available at three levels from Entry 1 to Entry 3, each ESOL Skill for Life award is a qualification in its own right.

Individual Awards

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Overarching certificate

ESOL Certificate – awarded when individual certificates have been awarded at the same level.

Learning Progression

ESOL qualifications are designed to aid progression and access into mainstream education and employment paths where English language skills are a requirement.

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