About Edify Global

Edify Global is a UK-registered organisation providing the best education for people across the world, whether they are students trying to develop their skills, people who were excluded due to financial hardships, or people who want to learn something new. Therefore, we offer courses at reasonable prices to ensure they are accessible to all so that there is equal access to quality education.

Our strengths come from our:

  • Qualified Facility
  • Learner counselling
  • Comprehensive experience
  • Professional Attitude

Edify’s faculty is based on highly qualified educational experts who were drawn out from a range of well-known institutions. We are bringing the best together and intend to extend our faculty network as we continue to flourish. Not only do we provide quality education to learners but, we also provide counselling and act as a link between the students and the universities in the UK. We offer the best combination of a comfortable environment and teaching to guide our students so that the learning process for students is different from that in textbooks.

Edify Global is managed by highly qualified, academic, and business professionals who focus on their students and understand their responsibilities. We believe that education is a fundamental part of life and decides the future of many generations to come. Therefore, we take pride in providing services at the highest academic standards along with qualified teachers. We strive to assist students and learners to achieve their desired objectives from anywhere in the world via our state-of-the-art learning management system.


To provide world class, high quality education to learners around the world, ensuring that it is accessible to all and lives up to international standards of qualifications and skills.


To create a world where high quality education is easily accessible to all, so that everyone is presented the opportunity to use their talents to contribute to the development of society.


Edify Global offers registered courses from regulated qualification frameworks (RQF) that provide flexible ways to qualify.

Foundation Programmes

Level 3 qualifications improve your base skills, such as subject reading skills, enabling you to attend and learn undergraduate courses at university.

Undergraduate Programmes

Education levels 4, 5 and 6 are equivalent to a three-year bachelor’s degree in the UK – 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, respectively.

Postgraduate Programmes

The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Master’s Degree is offered at the same level, which is called a Post Graduate Diploma.

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